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An International Private Jeweller & Small Boutique Studio

Vivienne Ailion has been a private jeweller for over 30 years and has a vast and exclusive list of clients all over the world including many celebrities. Whether it’s a bespoke piece or item selected from her studio, her focus has always been to understand the the body and mind of the client that will ultimately wear and adorn the item. One-on-one relationship and personal correspondence is key to her modus operandi and success.

Vivienne’s dedication to stocking the latest pieces, designing new items, sourcing stones and trending brands is matched only by her incredible ability to transform old jewellery into stylish masterpieces.

  • Specialising in Contemporary Remodelling of Old Jewellery
  • Latest Trends and Bespoke Designs
  • Competitive Stone Sourcing
  • One-on-One Personal Consultation and Advice
  • Fine Designs and Exclusively Selected Items


Vivienne derives immense satisfaction from assessing and re-modelling old pieces of jewellery or unset stones. She feels that, reading ones client but still being able to take cognisance of trends and having clients who are happy to be at the cutting edge of design, is very gratifying.

Therein ultimately lies Vivienne’s strength and satisfaction. At her studio there is always the latest fine and exclusive designs and contemporary pieces to choose.

As a high school teacher with a bachelor of arts background Vivienne began trading jewellery and soon after realised it was a passion.

Thirty years later and wiser, having quietly grown and come to realise her strength as an exclusive and personal jeweller, Vivienne has achieved great success in designing for Hollywood film stars or forecasting trends and remodelling, and has established a venerable reputation both in the industry and amongst her high profile clients locally and internationally.

Vivienne pride’s herself in being able to recognise her clients’ individual and personal style and can advise with them, while assessing their personality, their look, the latest trends and always with budget in mind. She has always enjoyed the intimacy of one-on-one relationships with her clients all around the world and is proud to be called their personal jeweller.

“The artistry in sculpting any piece of jewellery is knowing the person who will wear it.” Vivienne Ailion

” I have never had a desire to open up other stores and feel strongly that without the experience and quality that I dedicate to my studio the personal touch and attention I give my clients would be lost. My success and reputation has grown from word-of-mouth and referrals and not from any commercial or trade advertising. I travel often and host private open days and shows to a limited audience, while most of my time is spent one-on-one. ” Vivienne Ailion



Private & Confidential

This Portfolio is limited. Due to the Private & Confidential nature of Vivienne’s work, only a limited portfolio is available online. Please get in contact or visit our studio to see more necklaces, rings, bracelets and other pieces.



With over 30 years experience behind my brand, its always been about one-on-one relationships with my clients.

Vivienne Ailion, Designer

Through cognisance of contemporary trends, and avant garde design my client’s needs are always met with the utmost taste and perfection.

Vivienne Ailion, Designer

Jewellery is deeply personal, it is an extension of who you are inside.

Vivienne Ailion, Designer

The artistry in sculpting or selecting any piece of jewellery, is knowing the person who will wear it.

Vivienne Ailion, Designer



Contemporary Remodelling of Old and New… (more…)

Latest Trends

Sourcing the Latest trends and designs… (more…)

Love & Attention

One-on-one client liaisons… (more…)

Bespoke Design

Exclusive and Personal Designs…  (more…)


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Private & Personal

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Vivienne Ailion


Vivienne started the studio 30 years ago and is still dedicated to being personal, exclusive, and having the latest and the best designs.

Lynne Philip


Lynne has been passionately managing the studio for several years with a real dedication and pride for our clients.


Due to the private nature of Vivienne’s work, the Online portfolio is strictly Limited.
Come visit the studio shop or contact Vivienne to discuss your needs, aspirations, dreams and desires, whether small, medium, or large.


If you have a project you would like to discuss,
get in touch with Viv.

Please include your reference contact. Due to the private nature of Vivienne’s portfolio only a limited online portfolio is available online. Our studio emails clients pictures and products available on a one-to-one basis so please get in contact, we’d love to hear from you.

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